SERVING CHURCH & CITY- “We invite everyone who calls Inverness Vineyard their place to pick up a piece of the jigsaw.”

We are thrilled to be back and thrilled to have a space to gather together again.

But we can’t sustain this with a small group of folk. We believe that everybody has a part to play in the mission of Inverness Vineyard church and we would love everybody to find a place to serve, pick up their piece as we put together the picture of the church God wants us to become. The steps we are taking will require more folk to sign up as time goes on, so if you are in a place to give in this way, please fill out below and be blessed as you serve the vision of our wee church.

If this is your place, pick up your piece.


What is the regularity of the services in the month? – we are having 3 gatherings a month with the last Sunday of the month no service taking place. 1 gathering a month will be an all together service.

Why the cinema? – Back in April/May time we felt the Lord share with us that we were to “follow the favour”. It has proved very difficult to find a space on Sunday mornings with appropriate space and availability. Vineyard churches UK on a leaders call shared about other Vineyards using the Vue space and we took it from there!

Will we stay at the cinema longer term? – Who knows?!  We are currently operating on a term by term basis.

What Covid measures will be in place at the Cinema? Masks will still be needed as part of the gathering and hand sanitising will still remain. We want to reassure everyone we will be committed to ensuring everyones safety at our services whilst also creating a space that feels like Inverness Vineyard.

I can’t make it to the in-person gatherings – will you still have online church? The plan at the moment as we take this faith step is to record our talk each Sunday and upload this to Youtube weekly. We want to still have online content available but also want to acknowledge the step into in-person and make sure we take that step healthily whilst maintaining some sort of online presence.

I’m part of the church but don’t feel able to serve just now- is that OK? Absolutely! We are well aware that for some of us the return to church itself is a big enough step without having to worry about serving too. Like we would previous to the pandemic, if you can’t serve just now – that’s ok! Just come as you are. You are just as loved and important to us and God should you serve or not.

I joined the church during lockdown so have never been to an in person gathering, can I join a team?! Absolutely, serving on a team (along with joining a life group) are 2 of the best ways to get connected and feel part of things. We would suggest teams like welcome, logistics, tech as being a great starting point as we get to know you. Click here to fill out the form.