Prayer changes things…

As a church we are so passionate about prayer – we have had 24 hour prayer times as a church, we hold regular prayer meetings as a church on Sunday evenings, we have a wee crew crazy enough to get up at 6.30am every Wednesday to prayer walk the streets of Inverness and when meeting in person we offer prayer at almost everything we do.

Why? Because prayer changes things, it reveals more of Gods great love for us, it brings us in line with his plans and purposes for us. It stills our hearts and minds, it is a powerful weapon when the dark tries to overwhelm us. You can also email us on


As we adapt to a new way of doing things this next season as a church community, we don’t want this to stop. In fact we long for the opposite, we want to increase the prayer life of our church and offer prayer to the city and nations. Here is what we want to do:

Prayer Clinic 

We will have a team of us ready to pray. Phonecall, Facetime, Skype. We want to offer 15 min prayer slots to anyone at all in our city to chat and have someone pray over them. Nothing weird or superfreaky happening but a chance to pray alongside someone where together you can share with God all that is on your mind.

Press in nights

We are going to offer a weekly Prayer night on Sunday nights at 8pm. (details of where to follow) 15-20 mins long led by a member of our team, based on the great book “Meeting God in Scripture” so a chance to read a couple of lines from the bible, have a moment of quiet and a chance to contemplate what we have read together.

We hope this is a blessing to you, and brings us all closer to God in this time.